Where Are They Now? – Ari Samuel

How did the Youth Development Grant help your junior golf development?

The Youth Development Grant helped me to be able to play in more events and grow within the game. I would not have been able to get better and obtain the experience that I did without this grant because my family and I simply could not afford to play in a bunch of tournaments.

How did the College Scholarship help you personally?

The scholarship tremendously helped me get started in school. Receiving various partial scholarships all added up and allowed me to purchase books and cover some of my outstanding fees such as a meal plan.

Please let us know how you are doing.

I am doing great! My team and I won our conference championship last season and I graduate in one semester! I just received honors by making the Dean’s list last semester and after I graduate I plan to attend graduate school.

How have you used the tools from the game of golf in your everyday life?

I have used the tools I have gained from golf in my everyday life because these qualities shaped me into who I am today. The perseverance, patience, and determination I gained from playing golf for all these years have helped me in and out of the classroom by being able to complete deadlines and I will continue to use my leadership and communication skills once I enter the work field.

Are you or have you played golf on a college team? For which college team? If not, are you continuing to play the game recreationally? Please share any special college golf or college experiences with us.

I currently play on the University of West Georgia Women’s golf team and the most special event that took place was definitely receiving our championship ring! We won the championship by one stroke and we were recognized as a team at one of our home football games.

Are you giving back to your community or looking forward to using your skills for making a difference with others in your future?

I definitely am giving back to my community and I plan to continue doing so. I am continuously teaching minority youth about the importance of this game and being living proof of how far the game could take you. I volunteer my time over the summers when I come home to different organizations such as One Swing Golf Academy and Black Child Legacy which both focus on teaching minority youth the basics of the game and providing them with the opportunity to play.

Thank you Ari, for letting us know what you’ve been up to. Congratulations on your Championship!

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