Where Are They Now? Natalie Groom

We were able to catch up with Morton Golf Foundation 2019 College Scholarship Recepient, Natalie Groom to find out what she’s been up to since we last spoke.

How did the College Scholarship help you personally?

It aided me in the past to be debt free so far in my college years. I am now in my Junior Year at Wayne State University in Detroit, Ml

Please let us know how you are doing.

I am doing well. I have had a great college experience playing on the Women’s Golf Team and my academic path to a marketing career.

How have you used the tools from the game of golf in your everyday life?

Golf has taught me many life lessons that keep me going when life presents obstacles.

Are you or have you played golf on a college team? For which college team? If not, are you continuing to play the game recreationally?

This is my 3rd year playing for Wayne State University. I have opportunities to play across the country by being with the team

Are you giving back to your community or looking forward to using your skills for making a difference with others in your future?

My college golf team volunteers in Michigan at the Humane Society. We have a wonderful team camaraderie.

Thank you so much Natalie . We look forward to your continued success.

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