The 2023 Morton Golf Foundation Educational Scholarship Winners Have Been Announced

Congratulations go out to the 2023 Morton Golf Foundation 18 Educational Scholarship WINNERS

$8,500.00 CATEGORY:

“Dusel Family Scholarship” – Kenny Castro $8,500.00 from Jesuit H.S. will be attending the University of Puget Sound

“An experience that has had the most impact is volunteering at Cal Eagles golf program with Adults with disabilities. My first instinct was to try to get to know them; I went around & introduced myself to everyone, and asked questions about each of their lives.”

$5,000.00 CATEGORY:

“Rocket Restrooms & Fencing, Inc. Scholarship” – Jason Chou $5,000.00 from Jesuit H.S. will be attending Gonzaga University

“I was taught that perseverance meant never giving up, respect was being kind & generous to others, and integrity was doing the right thing when nobody was looking.”

“Jane & Rob Siebers Community Service Award” – Ietetsu Ueyama $5,000.00 from Sacramento Waldorf H.S. will be attending Santa Monia College

“Golf will forever stay with me and the lessons I’ve learned through the First Tee, Morton Golf Foundation & my mentors will continue to stay with me.”

$4,500.00 CATEGORY:

Chelsea McMahon $4,500.00 from St. Francis H.S. will be attending St. Mary’s College

“I find such inspiration and purpose in making a difference in the lives of the disabled, and am considering a career path that allows me to do that.”

“Ogilvie Merwin Vintners Scholarship” – Joshua Galindo $4,500.00 from Da Vinci Charter will be attending Towson University

“Growing up playing golf with people of all ages and abilities and backgrounds has taught me how to put myself out there, speak with strangers, shake hands and make eye contact – make and keep connections.”

$3,000.00 CATEGORY: –

Nikki Chindavong $3,000.00 from A.Rodriguez H.S. will be attending University of Nevada – Reno

“I learned that everything happens for a reason and in every aspect of life, we can find wins to celebrate.”

“Pat Mailey Memorial Scholarship” – Julia Geer $3,000.00 from St. Francis H.S. will be attending Cal Poly

“Accountability is the core value that I have taken away from golf and will continue to influence my life.”

$2,500.00 CATEGORY:

“Sacramento Golf Council Scholarship” – Jennifer Chan $2,500.00 from Inderkum H.S. will be attending UC Irvine

“I consider sportsmanship to be a necessary quality that has guided me as I traversed through life.”

$2,000.00 CATEGORY:

“Western Engineering Contractors Scholarship” – Theresa Shaw $2,000.00 from Bear River H.S. will be attending Biola University

“At a very young age I decided to put the major core value of honesty as my first principle to abide by in everything I do on and off the course.”

$1,600.00 CATEGORY:

“Murray Family Charitable Trust” – Mateo Castro $1,600.00 from Inderkum H.S. will be attending New Mexico State University

“Golf is a simple yet complex game that requires a lot of patience.”

$1,000.00 CATEGORY:

“Bosley Electric Company Scholarship” – Carson Morton $1,000.00 from Rocklin H.S. will be attending Colorado State University

“I learned that stepping outside of my comfort zone can be a rewarding and enriching experience.”

Sydney Hurter $1,000.00 from St. Francis H.S. University attending is TBD

“Golf has taught me patience, self-respect, honesty, focus, attention to detail, and the importance of sharing family time while exercising.”

Kara Shimazu $1,000.00 from McClatchy H.S. will be attending UC Davis

“I learned that personal victories carry a lot of weight, even if they might not look like victories from the outside.”

Haley Wong $1,000.00 from Oak Ridge H.S. will be attending UCLA

“My volunteer service shows my desire to give back and help the community and the officer positions I hold present my leadership skills and the extra responsibilities that I have taken on.”

“Kevin Sharp Memorial Scholarship” – Connor Gallagher $1,000.00 from Argonaut H.S. will be attending San Joaquin Delta College

“The most important core value I have taken from the game of golf is integrity and its value is essential because it allows me to grow as a person in a career and in life.”

“Valley Hi Country Club Women’s Group Scholarship” – Hannah Camara $1,000.00 from Pleasant Grove H.S. will be attending Westmont College

“Even while playing a tournament I have learned to never lose determination and to think positively.”

Christine Yu $1,000.00 from Vista Del Lago H.S. will be attending Claremont Mckenna College

“My creativity allows me to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions and my persistence pushes me to try until I find a plausible solution.”

“David Scott Scholarship” – Vincente Rodriguez $1,000.00 from Oak Ridge H.S. University attending is TBD

“I have been taught to respect those who give me opportunities in life to achieve in the future.”

Morton Golf Foundation wishes them well as they head to their next adventure.

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