“The Putting Party” Annual Fundraising Event for Morton Golf Foundation

The Putting Party at Haggin Oaks held on May 15 was a fun and fabulous fundraising event!

The putting course was created, the putting teams arrived and everyone was ready to party.

Four golfers high fiving on the putting green

This annual fundraising event was created to educate our local businesses on what the Morton Golf Foundation is all about.

Each corporation pays $1,000.00 to participate as they bring their 5-person putting team.  It’s a scramble format & the idea is each team has 5 chances to putt the ball in the hole with the least amount of strokes.

This year’s winners were from Boutin Jones Inc who were also the drink sponsor for the evening.

Everyone was putting, laughing and having a great time on a beautiful warm Sacramento evening.

The proceeds from this year’s fundraiser went toward PGA HOPE which is a nonprofit that stands for Helping Our Patriots Everywhere.

The crowd of 100 people was silent as their representatives told their stories on how PGA HOPE makes a difference in their lives.

Please join us next year by contacting Jane Siebers at jsiebers@hagginoaks.com