Junior Golf Marathon “100 Holes of Golf” Held at Bing Maloney on Saturday, November 6

Bing Maloney Golf Course hosted the Morton Golf Foundation’s “100 Holes of Golf on Saturday, November 6.

From the moment we drove in the entrance of Bing Maloney Golf Course & saw the “Welcome Junior Golf Marathon” on the marquee we knew it was going to be a great day.

30 juniors, families & friends gathered to play “100 Holes of Golf” on the E9 as a fundraiser to support the 2022 Junior Golf Development Grant program.

The juniors themselves go out to gather donations as many of them also receive funds & benefits from this program. This is a very rewarding way for these juniors to help pay it forward.

This was a day the juniors could just play the game, laugh with friends & not turn in a golf score.

Every player today was a Winner.

Not only in the prizes & fun on the course but off the course as they represent Morton Golf Foundation & the core values we all live by.

The event ended with new friendships made over lunch in the Maloney Grille as everyone looks forward to next year’s “100 Holes of Golf”.

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