The Sacramento Golf Marathon “100 Holes of Golf” Benefitting the Morton Golf Foundation

The annual Sacramento Golf Marathon is coming to the Arcade Creek Golf Course at Haggin Oaks on Monday, November 13, 2017.

The Sacramento Golf Marathon is a fun and easy way to raise money to support youth, disabled and underserved in the Sacramento area.  Funds raised by this event will support organizations such as; Junior Golf, Special Olympics, Society for the Blind, Wounded Warriors and many more.

There are two easy ways to participate in the Sacramento Golf Marathon;

1. Make a tax free donation to the Morton Golf Foundation. Click on the link below to make a donation.

2. Put a team together to play in the Sacramento Golf Marathon.  A team can be 2 to 4 players.  The goal is to play 100 holes as fast as possible.  There are no rules, no lost balls (just drop another ball) and no score keeping.  Just track the number of holes you play.  And even better, if your team has 4 player, you need only play 25 holes per person and the 100 hole marathon is complete.  Raise funds by having family and friends support your efforts. A sample letter is  below. EACH TEAM MUST DONATE A MINIMUM OF $500.00 TO COMPETE IN THE SACRAMENTO GOLF MARATHON.

To enter your team in the Sacramento Golf Marathon please contact Rob Siebers at: before November 1, 2017

Teams will meet at 6:30 am in MacKenzie’s Sports Bar & Grille at Haggin Oaks.

Donation Link:

Sample letter:

Family, Friends and supporters…

The 4th Annual Sacramento Golf Marathon (100 Holes of Golf) is right around the corner!  This year on November 13th at Haggin Oaks Arcade Golf Course I will join the many golfers participating in the Golf Marathon to raise funds for youth, disabled and underserved. The Morton Golf Foundation insures that 100% of the funds raised through the Sacramento Golf Marathon are donated to these causes!

Our goal this year is to raise +$35,000 and my personal goal is to raise $———. With your help we can support junior golfers, youth, disabled and underserved.  Over the past four years we have raised close to $100,000!!!

All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and can be completed by going to the website below.  Any amount, however large or small is greatly appreciated and will go directly to help many of Sacramento’s youth…Please go to the Morton Golf Foundation website below:

Click on the following link:

  • Fill in name, email, address and phone information
  • Under contribution type, click donation button
  • Fill in donation amount and BE SURE TO FILL IN REFERRED BY/SPECIAL EVENT BOX  (fill in name of Marathon participant you are supporting)
  • Click Submit
  • Fill in credit card information
  • Click  “Donate”
  • Once donation is complete, you will receive your tax receipt via email.

Thank you very much for your consideration!

Morton Golf Foundation Junior Golfer Makes First Hole-in-One

On Saturday, September 9, 2017, Courtney Cervellin was playing a junior tournament in the JTNC (Junior Tour Northern California) on the MacKenzie Golf Course at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex when she scored her first Hole-in-One!

Courtney approached the #14 tee box from the 4 oaks tee, 156 yards, par 3 and struck her 9 iron and it rolled right into the cup.

She has had this same shot hundreds of times… this time it just happened to go in.

When you see Courtmey, be sure to stop and congratulate her and let her know how proud everyone is for her.

Great job, Courtney!

3rd Annual Sacramento Golf Marathon “100 Holes of Golf” a Resounding Success

sgm-shamar-2016The Sacramento Golf Marathon was created to help raise money to fund junior golf grants given out to junior golfers between the ages of 8 – 18. These grants are financial support for families to help their children learn to complete, develop skills, enhance core values and build lasting relationships through the game of golf.

On Monday, November 14, 2016, 7 adults committed to playing “100 Holes of Golf” as they asked for donations and pledges from friends and families that would help support this mission. As the weeks passed, the e-mails were sent and donations came in and the financial total started to rise. In playing the “100 Holes of Golf” we make sure everyone knows there are no rules, no score and no lost golf balls. You just tee off and get the ball in the hole. The golfers all carry several experienced golf balls with them as they play and most golf balls are donated along the way.

sgm-girls-at-bing-2016When the junior golfers started to hear about the “100 Holes of Golf”, they and their families were eager to join in and play to help grow junior grants. The only stumbling block was the kids were in school on Monday, November 14. Quickly a second date was added for Saturday, November 12, 2016, for the juniors, their friends and families to play on a day they were available to help raise even more money to fund junior golf grants for 2017. Twenty three juniors and participants joined in on a beautiful sunny Saturday at the Bing Maloney Golf Course in Sacramento, CA! The excitement and speed was at an all-time high. As a spectator, I kept hearing as groups whizzed by that it was the perfect time to make a “hole in one” as they were playing on the E-9 at Bing Maloney Golf Course which includes several par 3’s.

We even had a couple of foursomes that decided to play their “100 Holes of Golf” at their own course and donate the proceeds back to the junior grant programs. Either way, the junior golfers are the true WINNERS!


If you would like to play in our next “100 Holes of Golf”, the date for 2017 is already set! Mark your calendars for Monday, November 13, 2017 and join us at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex. Contact Rob Siebers at for more information.

Thanks for believing in our mission as Morton Golf Foundation continues to enrich lives through the game of golf.

3rd Annual Sacramento Golf Marathon being held on November 14, 2016 at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex

On Monday, November 14, 2016 there will be several golfers that will be playing our Golf Marathon,  “100 Holes of Golf” to help raise money to give back to junior golf grants through Morton Golf Foundation.


Picture from last year’s 100 Holes of Golf

A junior golf grant is defined as financial support for families to help their children 18 years old and younger to learn to compete, develop skills, enhance core values & build lasting relationships through the game of golf.

As each golfer tees off to play their “100 Holes of Golf” there are no rules. The only object is to get the ball in the hole. There are no lost balls. There is no score. There are no time frame. Everyone is out there to have fun and support junior grants. Each group that is out there will have a volunteer ahead of them to let golfers on the course know that the marathon golfers are coming through. Last year Tom Morton and Mike Woods played their 100 holes in record time. The golfer never waits. Just hit the ball and keep moving. Your 100 holes are done in no time. Feel free to add any players to your TEAM to help you play the 100 holes of golf.

The Sacramento Golf Marathon that day is played on the MacKenzie Golf Course, Arcade Creek Golf Course and The Putting Course near the driving range. Everyone is there as a fundraising event and to support Morton Golf Foundation.

For more information and to sign up please contact: Rob Siebers,

Special Olympics Regional Golf Competition at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex


As the Special Olympic Athletes were gathering their teams and several volunteers were meeting early this morning the air was cool and the winds were blowing. It was getting close to the time to play golf.

img_0464Every person arrived with a smile on their face and a positive attitude. What a pleasure to be gathered in a group of people where everyone wants to be there. It was now time for the Athletes to recite the Special Olympics creed along with our National Anthem. Tom Morton, President of Morton Golf Foundation added a few kind words to thank everyone for coming and wishing everyone a fun day. At this time Tom Morton announced “Let the Games Begin” and everyone was off.

A few hundred Special Olympic Athletes, Caregivers & Volunteers headed to the back Driving Range & Academy Holes to show off their golf skills. They competed in a variety of different golf skills in the hopes of winning their medals which each winner wears proudly.

There was  a large group of more experienced Athletes that competed and played 9-holes of golf with a partner on the Arcade Creek Golf Course. Their golf scores reflected the fun they had as more medals were won.

img_0468Morton Golf Foundation is proud to be a co-sponsor of the 2016 Special Olympics Sacramento Regional Golf Competition.
What an honor and privilege to see several of the same Athletes return each year.

We are happy to call these Athletes our friends.

We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Morton Golf Foundation Supports 25TH Annual Sacramento Junior/Senior “Funvitational”

On Friday, July 29th a full field of golfers gathered under the American Flag on Hole #1 of the MacKenzie Golf Course at Haggin Oaks to kick-off the 25th Annual Junior/Senior Golf Championship.

Jr Sr Shamar 2016Leah Woods (Age 13) sang the National Anthem beautifully, with all the confidence we all wish we had. It was now time for the golfers to drive to their designated golf hole as the “candy float” was being built. Morton Golf Foundation volunteers headed out in their decorated cart offering frozen Snickers bars and animal crackers to give the golfers energy, strength and power.

This is a tournament not to be missed. A senior (over the age of 18) and a junior golfer (Ages 7 – 17) play as a 2-person TEAM to try and win prizes and recognition for the Junior Tour of The First Tee of Greater Sacramento. This is a fun time for a parent, grandparent, friend or sponsor to play next to a junior golfer as they compete as a TEAM in a scramble format.

jr_sr_bestdressed1It is encouraged to have your 2-person TEAM dress alike to build sportsmanship and integrity with your playing partner. The fun is to come out and see the creativity these players put into their TEAM threads.

Annually at this event, The First Tee of Greater Sacramento gives out their yearly college scholarships rewarding High School Seniors. These scholarships are given out based on the achievements and community hours that each student has given throughout their high school years.

Morton Golf Foundation each year sponsors the “Ken Morton, Sr. Scholarship” award. This year it was given to Jack Dibachi a graduating senior from Whitney High School.
Jack will be attending University of California – Santa Barbara and we wish him the BEST as he moves forward to his college life.

Watch for the 2017 Jr/Sr Funvitational next summer. If you don’t know of a junior golfer The First Tee of Greater Sacramento will make sure one is available for you to play golf with.

Hope to see you there!

Sacramento Golf Marathon Raises Money for Morton Golf Foundation

Sacramento Golf Marathon and “100 Holes of Golf”

Greg Perry plays catch up . . .

S G M Greg Parry 2015Last Monday, December 14, 2015, ten brave souls played over “100 Holes of Golf” to raise money for local youth, disabled and underserved through Morton Golf Foundation (MGF). Greg Perry, Morton Golf Foundation (MGF) Board Member, was unable to play on that day, so he chose December 22, 2015 to complete his journey of playing 100 holes of golf. On Monday, December 21, Sacramento received a considerable amount of rain so when Greg teed off on Tuesday, the course rules were cart path only. Carts were not allowed on the course all day which added a considerable amount of walking and time to Greg’s goal of completing his “100 Holes of Golf” challenge.

Greg Perry teed off with his son, Ryan, and their friend, Keaton Sutherland. Keaton is the son of another MGF Board member, Kevin Sutherland. Kevin drove the cart and cheered on the threesome through their 100 holes (see group photo attached). Another great friend, Steve Stoll, was their “wingman” and went out in front to make sure all was clear and to let other players on the course know that the marathon golfers were coming through.

When Jane Siebers, Morton Golf Foundation Administrator, asked Greg how long it took them to play 100 holes of golf, Greg answered that they played, “one minute quicker than Mike Woods and Tom Morton!”

In fact, Greg Perry issued a challenge for he and his son, Ryan, to play Mike Woods and Tom Morton in another 100 holes of golf on the side. Greg did say he would play Mike and Tom only if they could find a tee box since Mike and Tom would tee it up from the edge of the putting green and skip the tee boxes altogether when they played their 100 holes of golf the previous week. Mike Woods responded that, “we’d love to accept this challenge. I say the winning score is determined by adding up the number of holes played, plus the time it takes to play.” Who will be the real winner of this latest challenge? We all know the REAL winner is youth, disabled and underserved through this wonderful game of golf. The entire TEAM that played in the Sacramento Golf Marathon raised close to $26,000.00.

Everyone is excited and ready to play again next year.

Sign Up for the Sacramento Golf Marathon on November 16, 2015

UPDATE! Due to weather, the Sacramento Golf Marathon “100 Holes of Golf” has been rescheduled to Monday, December 14, 2015.


Whether you are a scratch golfer or high handicapper, it doesn’t matter, you can still participate in the Sacramento Golf Marathon. It is all about raising money for youth, disabled and the underserved!

The idea is to complete 100 holes of golf in as short of time as you can! And it is easy! You can participate as a single, or a twosome or a foursome. Be creative on how you complete the 100 holes! A single can play 100 holes, a twosome can play 50 holes each or alternate shots for 100 holes and of course a foursome could play 25 holes each. You determine how to complete the 100 holes! The average 100 hole round should take about 6 hours.

This event is all about charity and not about your score!

The entry fee is FREE! We ask that each individual or team raise a minimum of $500.00 to be donated to the Morton Golf Foundation (MGF). The MGF is a 501c3, non- profit foundation supporting the less fortunate in the Sacramento area.


The Sacramento Golf Marathon will begin at first light on November 16, 2015, on the Arcade Golf Course at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, located at 3645 Fulton Ave. Sacramento, Ca 95821

To enter: For more details, email Rob Siebers at

Make your donations on line by clicking this link:

  • Fill in name, email, address, phone information.
  • Under contribution type, click donation button.
  • Fill in donation amount and BE SURE TO FILL IN DONATION “ON BEHALF OF BOX” with SGM participant name.
  • Click Submit
  • Fill in credit card information
  • Click “Donate”

Morton Golf Foundation Receives 2015 Appreciation Award

In February, 2015 The American Heart / American Stroke Association awarded Morton Golf Foundation the “Appreciation Award” for outstanding achievement in support of the American Heart Association’s efforts in cardiovascular science, education, and community programs.

Their State Stroke Alliances Director, Jennifer Halldorson states, “Since 2009 the inception of Morton Golf Foundation has generously funded the American Heart / American Stroke Association. These funds have allowed us to enhance the lives of stroke survivors in our Greater Sacramento area.”